Inktober 2016 - 2019

For this series, my goal was to push myself to create what I felt would be interesting comic book covers. But my subjects are not your typical heroes; they’re all Latinx heroes who don’t often get the attention that they deserve.

This became my most ambitious series because I sought to do everything to the 9’s: research each character, view the art currently existing, occasionally redesign costumes, explore their history and come up with a narrative explaining why each hero or villain became interesting to me in a multimedia series. Each drawing is completed using various inks on cardstock.

  1. Renee Montoya - The Question

  2. La Salamanca

  3. Beatriz da Costa - Green Fury

  4. Rosabelle Mendez - Pantha

  5. Aquamaria

  6. Marta - Brickhouse

  7. Maria Guzman - Jaguar

  8. Amelinda Lopez - Touch N Go

  9. Esmeralda Lobo

  10. Sonja - Menagerie

  11. Yo-Yo Rodriguez - Slingshot

  12. Emily Guerrero - Synapse

  13. Aracely Josefina Penalba de las Heras - Hummingbird

Process videos can be viewed on my YouTube Channel.