The Impossible List

 I’ve had an amazing life. I’ve accomplished many things in the first 30 years of my life and the first decade of my career and, like anyone, I just want to keep myself striving for more every single day. I might rename this page but, for now, my Impossible List serves as a Bucket List for my goals and aspirations. I found it through someone I follow who heard about the concept from Joel Runyon and it sparked for me.

Ultimately, this is a pretty personal page to make it easier to get to know me.

Last 5 Completed Goals

  • Read 5 books in one year (May 9, 2019)

  • 30 sales on my Etsy shop (2/16/2019)

  • 500 Followers on Instagram (8/10/2018)

  • Earn $1000 at a 3-day Convention (7/29/2018)

  • Illustrate a published Children’s Book (January 1, 2013)

Professional Goals

  • 50 sales from my Etsy shop

  • 600 Followers on Instagram

  • Release 50 videos on YouTube Channel

  • Earn $1200 at a 3-day Convention

  • Complete a Variant Cover for a Mainstream Comic Book

  • Earn a royalty check of $100

  • Pay off my student loans

  • Work for Disney

Life Goals

  • Run a 5k

  • One unassisted pull-up

Events to Attend/Vend

  • Attend FlynnCon

  • Vend at HeroesCon

  • Vend at New York Comic Con

  • Vend at San Diego Comic Con

Travel Goals

  • Visit Japan

    • The Ghibli Museum

    • Hiroshima

    • Temple Tour

  • Visit Seoul, South Korea

  • Visit Paris, France

  • Visit London, England

  • Visit Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Visit Ireland

  • Visit Scotland

  • Visit China

  • Visit Liberia

Last updated May 29, 2019